Château De Gudanes

We are proud to have worked on a number of design projects for Château de Gudanes.     Rich in decorative detail, from the  grand 18th salons through the medieval styled chapel to the the 15 th C hall and down to ancient kitchens,  the château tells the stories of its past.   Bindy attended the inaugural restoration workshop there, in July 2015 and has since researched and faithfully translated design references.  

Available from the Château's Online Boutique are our silk twill 'Dove of Peace Scarf' and the 'Les Glaces' silk georgette range. Border and background designs derived from the Château's  Chapel were worked with motifs from18th Century Dufour paper still decorating an upper salon.  Though in some disrepair it retains it majesty. 


The 2015 Advent Calendar gave much joy to those who discovered the magic behind each window.  
We have also contributed to the 2016 calendar which was released in August 2016. 


We developed a derivative design from the Salon de Printemps able to be used for stationary or other products.